About Our Programs
Phoenix Theatre Productions offer programs for people of all ages and abilities providing an opportunity for individuals to tap into their imaginations and creative energies - to enhance their skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

We understand the significance of making available to everyone opportunities to develop and sharpen skills needed to pursue the arts while building self esteem and confidence that will be used in their everyday life. Everyone need not want to become a professional on a career track to Broadway or to be in films to participate in our programs. We also understand that theatre can just be for fun and personal entertainment.

The partnering of our services your organization opens another area of the arts you can offer - Theatre Arts. This proposal outlines a partnership charting a variety of programs that will enable your community's children and family's access to theatre arts programs that may not otherwise be attainable. This further enhances the innovative programs you currently offer.

We strongly believe that everyone needs tools in their personal "toolbox" (some call it their "catalog") to be prepared, thus successful on stage and for interviews, auditions or presentations. A toolbox, as we refer to it, is something an actor or presenter has available to them should the need for additional capabilities arise.

An actor needs to be able to reach into that toolbox and pull out three dimensional characters, accents, and emotions with confidence and agility. Within the toolbox is knowledge of the trades "lingo" and working expectations. Just as important, an actor must have knowledge of places, times and historical events so that they can work within the "period" of the "piece" (play, work, or story). In addition, the actor must learn to connect with fellow performers on stage to bring their characters to life and to tell the story. All of the programs Phoenix Theatre Productions offers provide individuals the opportunity to build the "actor toolbox" as well as a cadre of other usable techniques.

Our desire in concert with this partnership is to offer affordable, attainable programs such as workshops, classes and interactive courses and make them available for all who seek a dream to pursue the arts or to merely get a hands on experience.

Our programs offer a variety of methods accommodating participants of all levels the opportunity to learn to develop the on stage skills they need or presentation skills. We will work to ensure a safety net of confidence to work outside the box; to recognize personal limitations and try to stretch beyond any self imposed limitations.

By utilizing a variety of resources the participants of our programs will accomplish vital goals within the scope of the individual needs. All of our programs are designed to prepare actors of all levels from beginners to the well versed. From aspiring actors to hobbyists to professional; as performers we are always working on our skills to broaden our abilities. These workshops are designed to meet all those varied levels of abilities and to meet and/or exceed expectations and growth potential of each participating individual.

While learning the art of acting we seek to nurture the artist within while participants find new friends who share the same passion for theatre. Our programs are designed to teach participants the fundamentals of acting for the stage and/or presentations such as voice projection, character development, improvisation, theatre terms and presentation and timing.

Phoenix Theatre Productions is able to modify its workshops and programs to meet with the need, expectation and flexibility of your programs structure. All programs are suggested to be broken into the following age groups: 9-12, 13-17, and 18+up. There are basic and advanced workshops, as well as the option of one day workshops to multi week programs for all of the above specified groups.

Please contact us so we can further discuss all the programs we currently offer and/or any other potential programs you and your organization would prefer or like to see offered. We are extremely flexible and open to suggestions as are we willing and able to structure our programs to your specifications. Thank you for your time and consideration, as we look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the near future.