Reviews and Testimonials
"I love this play. that being said, under the inimitable direction of Jim Redding, I found it more humorous than I recalled. However, it retained its touching, poignant quality as well. If you don't know the story, I won't spoil it for you. Suffice it to say that the action takes place in a group home occupied by adult men, with varying mental/emotional abilities. The ensemble acting is uniformly good, but I must make special mention of Steve McCoy(Arnold), who generally plays the dashing leading man in musicals (just recently off a national tour of Man of La Mancha as Cervantes) and will surprise you in this role, Odell Cureton, as the very challenged Lucien P. Smith, and Lori Anne De Iulio Casdia, as Sheila. Very touching performances all "round and most defintely worth seeing."
- Review, Newsday 

"...Both characters emanate patience, love, and tenderness, but De Iulio Casdia's talent leavens each with a different something extra...(De Iulio Casdia's Christmas Past) forces Scrooge to review the most painful episodes of his troubled life, yet she offers him the balm of her judgment-less affection to ease the journey. It's a wonderfully nuanced performance..."
- Review, Times-Beacon-Record Newspapers, November 2006 

"Working with Ms. Lori Anne, I have the confidence and awareness I need whenever I audition...She always makes sure I'm prepared...She helps me bring my characters to life and how to handle myself on stage..."
- Noelle, Huntington 

"My son's improvement has been so noticeable that even directors are commenting on it...Lori Anne has also guided us through industry opportunities and is a valued and effective resource for the industry..."
- Mrs. Raybuck, Northport 

"...Brooke really missed you tonight. She stole the show!! We have to thank you soooo much for all your hard work with Brooke. She had a reason for every line she said as well as such expression. I can honestly say I have never seen her perform so well. Just think you have only worked with her a couple of weeks. I can't imagine with more time how she will soar."
- Caren Goldstein